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Ian Fox
Cudahy WI


My name is Ian Fox, brother 1645, in UW Madison's Iota Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho. At Madison I study Food Science. My interests within the industry lie in product development. The food science club has been a big part of my development and learning beyond classwork, but it's not the only organization I'm involved in. I'm an active member in Badger Navs Bible Study. I love UW Madison, and all the opportunities it has given me.
I first heard about AGR through our scholarship program Competitive Edge. Then when I arrived on campus, I was recruited. After a few months, I learned to love AGR, and I feel at home there. The professionalism, location, price, and experience can not be beat.
Prior to coming to Madison, I went to a high school of about 700. I was very involved in volunteering, sports, and music. Some of the skills and hobbies I developed there, I hope to continue for the rest of my life like playing golf and music. I've had a great life, I feel very blessed, and I know I am without a doubt in the right place to develop professionally, morally, mentally, and physically for my future.



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Work History

Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research
Sensory Panelist
Employed since August 2017

As a panelist I was involved in evaluating flavors, aromas, and tastes of research and company samples of cheese and pizza. It really helped me improve my sensory lexicon.

Con Agra Brands
R&D Intern
Employed since September 2017

Masterson Company
R&D Intern
Employed from August 2016 to September 2017

I had many responsibilities at the Masterson Company including preforming shelf life studies, stocking our ingredient room, preforming assessments for the FDA, and formulating for monthly projects.
Masterson makes products for ice cream, soup, and fast food companies.